The FFO organizes and helps with many programs each school year. Check out the many Volunteer opportunities to help!

Activities & Event Chairs

  • Spiders & Cider – an annual fall festival with decorations, games, food, and prizes!
    Chair: Alli Swanson, Rachel Hollander, Jeannete Hartshorne, Bethany Jaramillo
    Contact: Email the Spiders Committee
  • Book Fair – celebrates love of reading and provides funding, please
    Chair: Atasha Jaffe (e) and Shirley Parks (e)
  • Box Tops – raises funds
    Chair: Shirley Parks (e)
  • Community Garden
    Chair: Emily Franklin (e) and Shirley Harvey
  • Dine Outs – eat food together and raise some funds
    Chair: Audrey Moeller
  • Family Fix-Up – Help clean up the school grounds every fall!
    Chair: Amber Schwartz (e)  and Mike Schwartz (e)
  • Family Picnic & Play – fun social get togethers to eat and play
    Chair: Rachael Hollander
  • Mathathon – huge fundraiser for Sunrise!
    Chair: Debbie Claggett (e)
  • Parking Lot – Keeping kids safe!
    Chair: Dayna Anderson
  • Passive Fundraising
    Chair: Shirley Parks (e)
  • Principal Breakfasts
    Chair: Charita Stubbs (e)
  • Print Cartridges
    Chair: Atasha Jaffe (e)
  • Promotion for 5th Grade
    Chairs: Amanda Saffer (e), Kirstin Girdner., Jill Harlow, Jill Bell, Atasha Jaffe, Jessica Curley.
  • Robotics/STEM – learning math, experimenting, programming, and fun with robots!
  • School Pictures
    Chair: Bianca Rowley (e)
  • School Supply Kits
    Chair: Kirstin Girdner (e) and Maria Johnson
  • Science Fair – apply the scientific method to a project
    Chair: Ritu Pandey (e)
  • Spring Chinese Festival
    Chair: Haiying Liu, Helena Yip
  • Spring Gala and Art Show
    Chair: Kristy Doran
  • Steppers  – kids and faculty walk/run laps around the big field
    Chair: Ms. Dover (PE Teacher)
  • Steppers Fun Run – spring celebration on the field at the end of the Steppers program
    Chair: Valorie Colson (
  • Talent Show
    Chair: Melina McKenna  (e)
  • Yearbook – memories of the entire year!
    Chair: Marla Harris (e) & Sabrina Romero (e)