5th Grade Promotion & Legacy

On the day of promotion for 5th graders, a slide show of photos of the kids plays throughout the day. The show features fifth grade students over the course of their time at Sunrise. It’s a wonderful way to relive their journey from cute little kinders to fifth grade tweens!

We ask each parent to submit a picture or two of their child and friends taken any time from kindergarten through 5th grade. The FFO will provide access to the slideshow for you to have as a take home memory.

We hope to have every child in the show, but cannot guarantee it unless you submit pictures.

Attention: We also need help with the 5th Grade Legacy Art Project.

Many dates are available from Feb 5 to Mar 23. Login to the MySchoolAnywhere (MSA) mobile app or the MSA website to signup (more info on MSA on the Volunteer page)!

FFO Promotion & Legacy Team

Please add photos using the easy form below!