If you find it as hard as we do to keep track of all your volunteer signups, events, and Sunrise friends, we think you’re going to love MySchoolAnywhere (MSA)!

At the beginning of the school year, you’ll get a confirmation email from MSA so you can quickly update your contact and student info. Then, you’ll get a secure login for access to our monthly email digest, volunteer signups, a directory of family & faculty, and soon our online store.

Login to MSA!

If you are a new Sunrise family, or did not receive the confirmation, join Sunrise Drive MSA at any time with this button:

New Family? Join MSA!!!


Learn more in this brief MySchoolAnywhere intro video.

Tip: To volunteer with the MSA mobile app, click the three-bar menu in the top left and select “Signups” form the menu!


Want to create a Volunteer Signup?

Creating an MSA signup is easy! Follow this quick two-step guide to get started. Note: before you can create a signup, you must request access from the Volunteer Coordinator.

Initial Setup (One time)

  1. Watch the short intro video at MySchoolAnywhere Signup Help Page 
  2. Email the Volunteer Coordinator to request access! 

How to Create a Signup

A signup consists of an event and activities:
  • Event: the occasion for which you need volunteers. 
  • Activities: tasks that volunteers will do. 
 You’ll have a signup created in three easy steps:
  1.  Login to your MSA account from a computer, and choose Administrator” (this requires permission from the Volunteer Coordinator, see above).

  2. Add a Signup Event

Enter a short one-line title; add the date if it’s a one-time event. If it’s a repeating event like “Robotics”, add the teacher name to make it easier to find.

Write a short description that explains the when, where, and why of the event (1-2 lines). Add a link to a page on if you need to share lengthy details.

Set the open/close dates so the signup shows itself when needed. Add the grade/teacher if applicable. (Tip: You can uncheck “Show this Event” while you’re working on it, but remember to go back and check it to make the signup show!)

  1. Add Signup Activities

For each task, briefly describe what is expected from people and if it involves special skills, or heavy lifting. 

 Add a date and reminder…

Be sure to set the activity date so volunteers know when to show up, and use the reminder setting to automatically send email reminders to the volunteers. Yay!

And that’s it, you are done!

The only thing left to do is email the Volunteer Coordinator to announce the signup. 
The Volunteer Coordinator will make sure the signup is highlighted on the web site, published in the monthly FFO digest, and potentially sent to a group of super volunteers” who are always willing to help out!
After you create one signup, the rest should be super easy! thumbs up 

Signup Creation Tips

  • Titles should be Event Name” or Event Day, Month, DD Time” or Event Teacher Name”, like Steppers” or Spiders & Cider Fri Oct 27 5-8PM” or Robotics Pierce
  • Use the Notify Me” tab of an Event to add email addresses for fellow coordinators, to keep everyone in the loop when people sign up!
  • You can optionally Assign Volunteers to tasks. This is great if someone has expressed interest, and you can simply sign them up. (Also works for spouses.)
  • It is possible to send emails to all the people who have signed up to your event. To do this, you will need special Email Access ask the Volunteer Coordinator for more info.
  • We cannot create “deep links” that go directly to a specific signup event.