Community Garden

Our garden was built in 2008 as a cooperative effort between Sunrise Drive and the Community Gardens of Tucson (CGT).We have two large rainwater harvesting tanks, an olla irrigation plot, three reservoir tank beds, a worm farm, a native bee condo, an owl box, raised beds, and at-ground plots. Our garden pathways are ADA-compliant, and Garden Club activities are inclusive for all students at Sunrise!

Each week, Sunrise students are actively involved in planting, harvesting, and maintaining Sunrise garden plots. During Garden Club sessions on Tuesdays, students learn about the garden ecosystem and plant life cycle. From lessons on soil & fertilization, to activities with earthworms and composting, students enjoy discovering where their food comes from and how plants are essential to all life on our planet.

Help our Garden Grow!

Sunrise students enjoy getting their hands a little dirty in the garden, and so can you!

Sign up to help students tend to the garden & assist the Garden Coordinator with activities on Tuesdays from 11:00am-1:10pm. No gardening experience necessary! Email our Garden Coordinator, Nkechi at to sign up.

Nkechi Diallo (email)