The Sunrise Drive FFO Grants Program is an opportunity for parents, teachers, and staff to request funds to enhance learning at the school through field trips, entrance fees to museums, artists-in-residence, special programs, and extra-curricular materials such as parts for Lego robotics, basketballs and other playground supplies.

Grant Request Process

We have four steps in the process:

  1. Parents, teachers, or staff submit a grant request online
  2. Initial review by the Grants Chair & Principal
    You may be contacted to clarify or revise the grant.
    If appropriate, the request will be added to an FFO Exec Meeting agenda.
  3. FFO Executive Board
    The board typically meets on the 2nd Fri of each month, and they will review and approve/deny the grant being brought before the general FFO members.
  4. FFO General Meeting
    Grants are shared via the FFO Digest and proposed/discussed at the general meetings, usually the 4th Fri of each month.

After the general meeting, you’ll be notified of the grant request status. If approved – you will be asked to provide order or purchasing info. We have can either make a direct payment, or reimburse an individual after the purchase has been made.

Please review the criteria and hints, and contact me with questions!

– Laura Belous (email)
2023-2024 Grants Chair

Submit a Grant Request or  Request Payment

Criteria for Approval

Good grant applications seek to meet a critical need that cannot be met by other funding sources.  The FFO reviews each grant with these questions in mind:

  1. Is the expenditure consistent with, and will it help further, Sunrise’s goal/mission?
  2. Does the expenditure benefit a sufficient number of students?
  3. Are other, more appropriate, sources of funding available?
  4. What is the priority in relation to other requests?
  5. If applicable, is the grade level within its allocation for the year?

Helpful Hints

  • Please fill out the form completely.
  • Include any ordering information or website addresses.
  • If possible, list alternative sources for the items, with prices for comparison.
  • Always include a detailed description of how the requested item will support or enhance the curriculum or another way the items will benefit the Sunrise Community include anticipated CFSD Standards/Measurement Topics addressed, if applicable.
  • Remember the monthly deadline when submitting grant requests.
    Check the FFO Calendar and make your request before the next FFO Exec meeting so it makes it on the agenda!
  • Please note any grants submitted after the deadline will be considered the following month unless there is an unforeseen circumstance.

Additional Details for Teachers!

  • All field trips which require transportation must be submitted through grants.  Although transportation costs are not taken out of the grade level allocation for grants, the transportation costs do come out of the grants budget.  Please submit a grant even if you only need bus costs covered.
  • Please plan ahead as a Grade Level Team to prioritize your needs for the year.
    We have set the $2,500 budget to ensure we have funds for every grade level to participate in field trips and other activities.
  • Grants that do not apply to just one grade level will come out of the general grant fund.
  • Please submit grant requests as early as possible.  This allows time for us to research your request, follow-up, make changes as needed, and take to the general meeting for a vote before the funds need to be used!

We look forward to some great ideas and wonderful grants this year at Sunrise!  If you have any questions or need more information please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for all you do for our students!