About & Contacts

What is the FFO?

Family Faculty Organizations (FFOs) are volunteer parents & faculty that help raise funds for and organize extra curricular programs and events. The Sunrise Drive Elementary FFO operates by the Sunrise Drive Bylaws, and operates within the purview of a district wide FFO.

What does Sunrise FFO do?

We support the vibrant learning environment at Sunrise with extra academic and family events. We budget over $30,000 from donations and fund raising to grant requests to enrich our kids educations.

How can you help?

Attend FFO meetings (check the calendar), make a donation to the Spirit of Sunrise, and volunteer! Every little bit makes a difference.

2023-2024 FFO Officers

The officers and the program/event chairs are our best volunteers so please reach out to them to say “Thanks!” and ask how you can help too!


Jill Golisch Greene (e)


Julie Emms (e)


Elise McLammarah (e)

VP Staff Appreciation

Elise McLammarah (e)

VP Development

blank person picture

Judy Velasco (e)

VP Communications

Sunrise Digest

Aly Nevarez (e)

VP Communications

Sunrise Social Media

Shannon Marchal (e)

VP Webmaster

Ai Leen Chong (e)

Volunteer Coordinator

Fatima Goodall

Internal Grants

Laura Belous (e)

Chinese Immersion Liasion

Catherine Welton (e)

5th Grade Liaison

Fatima Bravo (e)

Members at Large

Valerie Menke (e)

Past President

Anjala Matalone (e)

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