Parking Lot

Drop-off and pick-up from the parking lot can be challenging parts of the Sunrise day.

Please keep these tips in mind for a good experience for parents and our children.


Morning Drop-off

Starting at 7:40 a.m., children can be dropped off in the parent parking lot!

Please pull as far forward as possible. Volunteers will help children disembark, though the vehicle need not be in the spot furthest forward to drop off children.

Drivers are encouraged to follow the volunteers’ instructions  to speed up the drop-off process. If, for any reason, drivers anticipate the drop-off to be complicated and/or take extra time, we ask that you park your car and assist your child(ren) getting onto campus.

We can’t make this quick drop-off happen without wonderful volunteers.

Please consider volunteering even one morning each month.

Afternoon Pick-up

Upon dismissal, Sunrise staff will accompany the students being picked up to a designated area. If your child is not ready for pick-up when you arrive at the designated area, please consider parking to make room for others. Drivers are encouraged to follow the staff’s instructions in order to speed up the pick-up process and ensure the safety of the students.

In keeping with the spirit of demonstrating character to our kids that we hope they will learn from, here are Sunrise’s expectations for the drop-off and pick-up times:

Morning drop-off

Afternoon pick-up

Be kind and respectful

  • Greet Sunrise staff/volunteers
  • Use good manners
  • Wait patiently
  • Park your car if your child’s exit may take time
  • Greet Sunrise staff/volunteers
  • Use good manners
  • Wait patiently

Be responsible

  • Arrive between 7:40-7:55
  • Drop off along west curb between the tall cones
  • Make sure children are ready to exit quickly with backpacks in hand
  • Volunteer even once per month
  • Inform the office staff of any change in afternoon schedule by noon
  • Be on time
  • Pick up only in designated area

Be safe

  • Drive slowly
  • Follow Sunrise staff/volunteer instructions
  • Put away your cell phone
  • Allow children only to exit curb-side
  • Drive slowly
  • Follow Sunrise staff/volunteer instructions
  • Put away your cell phone

TIPS for a SAFE Parking Lot:

1. When dropping off/picking up students in a private car, please do not pull around cars that are also dropping off/picking up. Patience is the key; we do not want to injure any of our families or children.

2. Please be mindful of the traffic behind you. Yes, we are all in a hurry, but the traffic will move faster if you pull forward as far as possible so that we can get those big yellow buses that are behind you into the parking lot.

3. For your child’s safety, please have them exit or enter the car at the curb only. Remember that if your child needs extra help with backpacks, kisses etc., finding a parking spot rather than staying in the drop off line is the best choice. Please do not get out of your vehicle in the drop off/pick-up zone.

Please be courteous to the parent volunteers enforcing the safety rules in the parking lot. They are trying to keep your child safe and your wait time down.