Tax Credits

Every Arizona taxpayer has the opportunity to give $200 to CFSD instead of paying it in taxes. It’s not just a deduction; it’s a dollar-for-dollar tax credit that reduces what you owe in state taxes.

You can donate online with your credit card or fill out the Tax Credit Form, which can be mailed to the Murphey Administration Center or dropped off in person at any CFSD school. Please make checks payable to Catalina Foothills School District (CFSD) and note the program to which you’d like to contribute on the check.

How it works

Just make a donation of any amount to Sunrise Drive or Catalina Foothills School District by December 31. The district will send you a receipt for your records. Then, when you fill out your Arizona state taxes, you can subtract the amount of your donation, up to $400 (joint filers) and $200 (individuals), from what you owe in taxes.

To earmark your tax credit for Sunrise Drive Elementary School, choose “Program with the greatest need” under our school. You can also divide it amongst multiple schools.


Who Can Give?

Anyone who pays taxes in Arizona!  Ask your neighbors, grandparents, friends or anyone who is a taxpayer!  They don’t have to have children in our school!

What if they have already given to a private school?  No problem!  The state allows both private and public school tax credit donations! To find out more from the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Why is it a Win-Win-Win Deal?

SUNRISE wins by getting your dollars.  YOU get a dollar-for-dollar credit on your State Taxes.  AND if you itemize your Federal Taxes, YOU can list your donation as a charitable contribution! Use a credit card to pay online, and you even get the benefits of your credit card (miles, rebates, etc)!

Tax credit limit:

• $400 for married couples filing jointly

• $200 for single taxpayers

• $200 each for married couples filing separately

Please check with your tax adviser for answers to specific tax-related questions.